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10 Artists That Make Us Tick
Just when we thought spring was around the corner, snow flakes came falling down from the sky. In order to keep the mood up while waiting for warmer days, what is not more perfect than spending the gloomy days glancing at inspiring art? 
We have made a guide with our top 10 artists to check out in the dark winter month:
Alberto Giacometti
Alberto Giacometti was a Swiss sculptor, post-impressionist painter, draughtsman and print maker and has one of the most recognisable sculptures in the industry. His style sums up an interest in perception, anxiety and alienation and often symbolised the humans suffering of post-war trauma. Together with Salvado Dalí he was one of the key artists in the surrealist movement.
An exhibition with a selection of Giacometti´s art will open later this year at Tate Modern. 
Andy Goldsworthy
 Andy Goldsworthy is a British sculptor, photographer and environmentalist based in Scotland, known for his art situated in natural and urban settings. Using materials from nature like clay, petals, snow, ice and grass he creates geometric figures which evolves with nature, and only stay eternal by use of photography. The process after the sculptures have been made, is also part of the art piece. Goldworthy´s work is all about collaborating with nature in a beautiful and organic way and leaving everything to “chance”. 
Olafur Eliasson 
Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson´s art is “driven by his interests in perception, movement, embodied experience, and feelings of self”. He is known for his large-scale installations and sculptures based on natural elements like water, earth and light. The themes of his work is often environmental issue related and the materials of the art works are meant to make you feel more and interact with the art, like for instance the time he placed huge cubes of ice in the middle of Paris for people to watch it melt, as a symbol of climate change.
Studio Olafur Eliasson (founded by the artist himself in 1995) consist today of ninety craftsmen, specialised technicians, architects, activists, administrators, programmers, art historians and cooks. The art they produce is renown worldwide and has been exhibited at the Venice Biennale, Lousiana Museum of Modern Art, Foundation Louis Vuitton, Moderna Museet, MoMa and Tate Modern to mention some. 
Daniella Romero 
American painter and ceramist Daniella Romero, who goes under the artist name Flora and Form, started just one year ago but has with her natural talent for creation had great success creating beautiful abstract paintings inspired by all forms of nature. You might have stumbled upon some of the soft strokes, earthy tones and round shapes in form of her paintings on Instagram or Pinterest. 
Larissa Hofmann 
New York based artist Larissa Hofmann is originally from Germany and is mostly known as a highly successful fashion model but has the last year also pursued a career as a photographer and painter, creating playful paintings with female nudes made of spilled coffee and ink on paper as well as contributing regulary with photographic work for Zeit Magazine and Unconditional Magazine. We are looking forward to see much more from this bright lady in the future. 
Marianne Bjørnmyr 
London based Norwegian photographer Marianne Bjørnmyr focuses a lot on nature and human´s relationship to their surroundings, in her work. Latest project An Authentic Relation is based on the diary of Leenert Hasenbosch, a prisoner of South-Atlantic island Ascension. The diary contains detailed description from the first day he arrives and until he dies. Marianne has captured the landscapes he saw everyday and the project draw lines between now and then, and shows small fragments of a narrative that once took place.
The project has just been launched in book form, and can be bought from her website.
Richard Serra 
American sculptor Richard Serra is one of the most infuental scultpors of the 20th century and has with his minimalist metal sculptures, often occupying public spaces or permanently installed in a museum, got attention all over the world. If one are to describe his work with only a few words it would be: a blurred line between architecture and art.
Richard Serra´s works can currently be experienced at Gagosian Gallery in London. The exhibition NJ-2, Rounds: Equal Weight, Unequal Measure, Rotate is on until 10th March 2017.
Agnes Martin 
Agnes Martin was a Canadian painter based in New York. Her work is known for it´s abstractness and minimalist style. Highly informed by cubism, surrealism and abstract expressionism, her brush strokes created serene art works of subtle stripes, grids and geometry, work which was not meant to be read but give joy and happiness to the observer. Some people describe Martin´s paintings as “An essay in discretion, inwardness and silence”. She continued making critically acclaimed art until her death at 92 years old and her paintings are still as relevant today as they were then. 
Lee Ufan 
Korean minimalist painter, sculptor and philosopher Lee Ufan is one of the major theoretical and practical proponents of the avant-garde Mono Ha (Object School) group. The Mono-ha school of thought was Japan´s first contemporary art movement to gain international recognition. What they stood for was focusing on the relationship of materials and perception rather than on expression or intervention (like in Western art). It was thanks to Ufan that Japan got a renown art scene. Today he is based in Paris where he continues to create marvellous canvas paintings and sculptures. 

Luca Tambolini
 Italian self-thaught photographer Luca Tambolini´s work enganges around climate change and completely untouched nature. His photographs of serene and etheral landscapes are so beautiful that they almost look unreal, but in fact that is how nature should look like. We are just not used to seeing it in its purest form..