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24 Hours in Copenhagen
I recently made a flying trip to Copenhagen as part of my relentless hunt to find sustainably produced fabrics. A friend recommended the Fabric Source at the Danish Fashion Institute and so I set a date for a consultation and booked some outrageously cheap flights from Luton to Copenhagen.
Being the first trip I had taken abroad for business purposes it was a little landmark moment for me. I made my way to Luton armed with a laptop, toothbrush and not much more. The caffeine fuelled journey tingled with anticipation and a rather wired focus on work.
Arriving in Copenhagen I was treated to the enjoyably competent Danish transport system and wondered for the hundredth time how they managed to get everything so damn right. Within 20 minutes of landing on the tarmac I was standing in central Copenhagen station and a further 10 minutes ringing the doorbell of my friend’s flat. The city hummed with the gentle rhythm of its charmed way of life and being the second time visiting the city, I was reminded again of the mysteriously attractive Danish gene pool.
Last April I spent a wonderful long weekend in Copenhagen with a close friend of mine. We cycled, ate and drank our way round the city as well as inexplicably bonding with a group of strangers all from different countries and cities with whom we talked, danced and laughed the night away with. That night is still one of the fondest memories of 2016 and so it was a treat to be able to stay with a friend made on that evening. (If anyone from that group is reading this, 2017 reunion?).
Greeted at Mathilde’s flat with a glass of red wine and bolognese we crammed in a year’s worth of catching up into a couple of hours. It was beautiful to walk through the city the next morning, seeing familiar sights and re-capturing fond memories. Watching the cyclists on their designated ‘cycle pavements’ and seeing the off-shore wind farms made me wonder again why we’re still so far behind back in London. 
Post consultation (which was both informative and enlightening) I worked in the magnificent library and spent an hour wondering round the city centre. The air was grey and heavy and the yellow lights shone through the dimness illuminating the turquoise roof tops and spires. Commuters walked with purpose while I ambled down canal sides stopping to marvel at the satisfyingly simple beauty of the architecture.
Returning to the UK I thought about how bizarre it was that I had to fly to Copenhagen in the search for sustainable fabric suppliers. We are lucky enough to have the Future Fabrics by the Sustainable Angle in London which is a brilliant resource, but for the majority of the industry sustainable sourcing is simply not a priority. With the worrying turn of events regarding the protection of the environment in the past few weeks it truly is down to each and every company – in the fashion industry or any other industry – to care and be responsible for their own impact on the environment. 
I’m looking forward to narrowing down the selection of fabrics that I discovered in the Fabric Source showroom to bring some beautiful new colours and textures to the collection. In the coming blog posts I will expand on my commitment to using sustainable fabrics and the hugely important benefits of choosing organic cotton.