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A January Reflection
It’s the little things in life that can change your mood, adding a spark of joy that turns your whole day around. That moment for me today was unexpectedly cycling past a friend who was serving coffee in a café window and giving them a holler as I whizzed past.
It’s what I love about having lived in East London for six years now. The sense of familiarity with the hustle and bustle of life along with the knowledge that we are all connected so very closely through our locality. Since working as a freelance pattern cutter and launching Henri, what I’ve grown to love is the slow integration into the creative community of East London. Meeting artists, potters, jewellers, designers and photographers who are haphazardly living their passion all with a common cause.
It seems to be that we all care a bit more about what we’re buying and where it comes from. Given a choice between a local coffee shop and a Pret, we’d all presumably go for the local coffee shop, supporting a small business that is actually producing better quality coffee (and brownies for that matter). Amongst my fellow makers and designers this attitude is not only applied outwardly but is the core principle their businesses are built on through material selection and production practices.
It’s uplifting to see this movement gathering momentum and consumers becoming more concerned about making responsible purchases. Never mind the ego but it feels good knowing that the production of Henri shirts in a small fourth generation factory is helping to support skilled workers that live within a few miles of our studio. Equally as important is knowing our cotton fabrics have been grown, spun and woven to GOTS Certified standards. This means that as little damage as possible has occurred to the environment and communities that grow the cotton and make the cloth.
We will be at the One Day Designer-Maker Sale run by Craft Central on Friday January 13th. Exhibited will be a selection of some of the best small creative businesses that London has to offer, all selling their goods at discount prices for one day only. You will be able to get our good at 30% discount rate as well as one-off offer on the lovely fleecy Over Shirt. If you’re able to make it we’d love to see you there. Alternatively use the code 'JAN30' to buy from us online.
One Day Designer-Maker Sale
Craft Central, 33-35 St John's Square, London, EC1M 4DS
12 – 7pm – Free Entry