Hello there.
Thank you for visiting our site and coming to see what we’re about. Being the first blog post of our new website it’s the perfect opportunity to explain our vision and how Henri came to fruition. 
So I suppose the first question is 'why shirts'? I guess men's shirts might seem more legitimate initially but this is why I think there's a gap in the market with what Henri offers. Shirts are undeniably a classic staple of every women's wardrobe and at some point in our lives there will be the need for the 'perfect white shirt' (or if you're like me, every other day). With trends changing every week and far too much money spent collectively on clothes that are worn only once (if that) I think it's imperative to seriously think about lasting style and investing in timeless classics that can relied upon year after year. Focusing on shirts alone shines a light on the humble classic that's ready to be worn out in the city or thrown on top of old jeans. Adding in the fact that all our shirts are made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and manufactured in the capital and beating heart of our country, there's a pretty unique identity to a Henri shirt.
I first visualised creating a shirts brand after freelancing for various designers based in London alongside reading the book Essentialism by Greg McKeown. This book struck a chord with me as it’s essentialist teachings taught me a completely different approach to my working life. In summary what I took away from the book was the importance of 'life editing' in order to reduce watering down my time and energy with anything that I'm not completely passionate about. It’s a difficult theory to live by sometimes but it has thus far resulted in the momentous decision to fully explore the vision of a shirts brand that had been brewing for a while.
This thinking practise also links into my design philosophy. The purpose of a shirt is very simple but it's timeless nature and performance over the years adds value to the garment as well as the owners wardrobe. Through focused design I whittled hundreds of ideas down to just five styles, each offering a unique purpose to the customer. The 'Boyfriend' has a feel that is slouchy but sleek, the 'Over shirt' is gorgeously comforting, the 'sweatshirt' is for those casual weekends and the 'boxy' is for the exact opposite...and the 'Classic'....well it is exactly what is says it is!
I'm very proud to present the first collection and already looking forward to introduce the coming future collections and collaborations. I hope you'll follow us on our journey of designing and enjoying fine women's shirting.