Christmas Fund Raising

We will be splitting these funds into two pots to donate to two important causes. 

1. Support for Rural Women in the Henri Supply Chain

We're supporting one of our long standing suppliers in their fund raising to give rural women employment in hand spinning. 

Khamir is a grassroots organisation based in Kutch, India. They work with primary producers and craft communities to revive and strengthen local economies.

"Strengthen the rural areas, and you will find fewer people migrating to urban slums. Give them opportunity, self-respect and self-confidence, they will never go to an urban slum". - Bunker Roy

Hand-spinners were a vital link between the local primary producers (farmers and pastoralists) and artisans. They made the textile value chain local and sustainable.

But with the advent of spinning mills, this gap only grew. With your help, we want to bridge the gap between in the local craft communities to make the textile value chain ecologically sound.

Khamir wants to bring work closer to home for women who cannot venture out for long distances.

Till now, we have worked with 75 women in rural Kachchh, out of which 45 are well trained hand-spinners and 30 are under training phase.  

2. Trussell Trust Food Banks

After a hugely challenging year for so many people we wanted to also support the Trussel Trust. This vital charity works to end UK hunger by providing food banks across the UK. We want to contribute to the community around us so we will be donating directly to the Hackney Food Bank.


We will donate £5 of every order over £150 between 15th November - 1st January. If you'd like to donate separately you can purchase a pin-badge here.