An exciting collaboration...

The ultimate home workshop series, brought to you by Ottowin, Made My Wardrobe and Henri.

As we get ready for a summer filled with family, friends and sunshine, we wanted to collaborate and bring one huge final hurrah to send off a year of hibernating and making from home.

Spend the last week of lockdown making your very own summer outfit from head to toe. The outfit includes:

- Made My Wardrobe’s epic everyday Dungarees 

- Ottowin’s exquisite Woven Sandals

- Henri’s timeless and versatile Over Shirt



Over the past year each of us turned our studio workshops into online courses, reaching hundreds of people all over the world. The wave of home makers has only been growing and we’re all so happy about what this means - more people enjoying meditative ‘me time’ while getting engrossed in making, more people building on their skills and more people switching to a more sustainable way to dress themselves.

As the world opens up we thought we’d celebrate all the new found joy in making and get 50 of your together to make your new summer outfit. You’ll learn a great range of new skills and finish with the most wearable summer outfit you could wish for.


The Details:

We’ll be getting you started with a live instagram session on Saturday 8th May. Settle in with your morning coffee while we share our tips on how to get yourself set up along with answering any advance questions you might have. After this all of the classes will be online and available to watch in your own time, however our recommended schedule for those who are raring to make is as follows:

Dungaree Workshop: 8th/9th May

Sandals Workshop: 10th/11th May

Over Shirt Workshop:12/13th May

On Saturday 15th May we'll be all together in Bristol doing a live zoom session from the Ottowin shop. Pour yourself a G&T and settle into a friendly group session with fellow makers. We'll be able to check in your progress and give advice on any questions you might have and sharing the overall experience together.

What you’ll need:

To get started on our workshops you will need previous experience of sewing and the following tools:

  • A sewing machine
  • Iron & ironing board
  • Scissors, pins, chalk, tape measure, sewing needle, unpicker



About each workshop:

Greta Dungarees - Made My Wardrobe

The Greta Dungarees are an easy fitting, yet smart pair of everyday overalls. They feature nice deep pockets and an adjustable waist tie which makes getting the right fit much easier! This workshop is a perfect chance to expand your skills and have a play on your sewing machine. 


Woven Sandals - Ottowin

The Woven Sandal is our most popular style since we launched in 2016 - easy to wear, comfortable and great for being on your feet all day. When we first started making these sandals we used the same basic hand tools we provide in this pack - so this is a great way to start your sandal making journey.


Over Shirt - Henri

The Over Shirt workshop will give you slow and detailed guidance to sew your garment to a high quality. The workshop focuses on clean finished and attention to detail. You’ll finish the workshop with a beautifully made garment and a good knowledge of techniques that will be transferable to almost every garment you make.


 All of us in our full outfits!


How to book:

- Bookings will go live at on Saturday 17th April at 10am and we will have just 50 materials kits available

- Bookings will be taken through the Made My Wardrobe website

- There will be a choice of at least 5 colours for each garment

- You will receive all the materials for making each piece. At home you will need access to a sewing machine, iron, basic sewing tools along with

- The workshops are in the form of pre-recorded tutorials which you'll have lifetime access to.

- The full series is £320

See you there!


If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to get in touch -