Frida Shirt Workshop

the full course
Capsule Wardrobe Workshop
Sew your own complete look with our full 3 tier course which includes our Frida Shirt, Over Shirt & Worker Trousers.
Patterns in sizes 6 - 20.
Our early-bird sewers will receive a complimentary sewing bundle with everything you need to create your garment.
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Getting Started

To get you started we've created a series of free tutorials covering everything from equipment to threading your sewing machine, trouble shooting suggestions, practising different seam types and cutting out your pattern.

If you're a complete beginner we recommend that you watch our free tutorials below and practising at home before starting our courses. It's important to have experience and confidence in using a sewing machine before getting going.

1. Your Tool Kit

2. Threading & Trouble Shooting

3. Choosing Your Fabric

4. Patterns & Lay Planning

5. Cutting Your Fabric

6. Fusing

7. Binding

8. Seam Types