Our Supply Chain

Creating a piece of clothing from start to finish impacts many more resources and livelihoods than you might initially think. From natural resources such as land, soil and water to the communities with skills in farming, spinning, weaving and sewing, every piece of clothing has passed through hundreds of pairs of hands before it lands in your wardrobe.

Responsible sourcing is integral to our business ethos. This encompasses decisions and commitments focussed on ethical employment, the environment, and women's empowerment. As a small, independent brand our journey is constantly evolving but our ethos remains unchanging.

It starts with soil...

From seed to wardrobe our garments start life needing 3 basic things: soil, water and sunlight.

Our Standards

- Organic (GOTS Certified)




- Recycled

We work with 100% natural fibres in our clothing.

Not only are the fibres natural, they must also have been farmed or produced in a responsible and environmentally friendly way. Each fabric we choose must adhere to our standards by meeting at least one of the criteria listed above.

Using natural fibres not only results in garments that are breathable and comfortable against the skin, but they are also biodegradable and recyclable. 

Plant Based Dyes

Where possible we opt for naturally dyed or un-dyed fabrics which makes up for roughly 40% of the collection. Our naturally dyed fabrics from India are made using pigments from roots, flowers and minerals.

Our un-dyed fabrics showcase the best of the natural shades of cotton, from ecru to brown and even green…!

Our naturally dyed pieces must be washed gently. Head to our Care Tips for more info.

A Human Touch

Time consuming and energy free. A far cry from mass produced synthetics. 


The majority of our fabrics are woven in India on traditional wooden handlooms. This age-old technique requires a high level of skill and runs entirely on the expertise and hand-power of the weaver, requiring no electricity throughout the process.

This lengthy process results in beautiful fabrics with wholesome textures and a human touch. A far cry from the mass produced synthetics of the high street.

Some of our fabrics are woven by electric powered machines. These are the suppliers located closer to home, either in the UK or on mainland Europe. The suppliers we work with are small producers, either family run or young enterprises setting out to make a positive difference to the weaving and textiles industry.


Having initially produced only very locally, we now produce in both London and Bangalore.

Our manufacturing hubs are split into two categories based on the origin of the fabrics. And we're proud to say that both of our factories are headed up by young, ambitious women!

bangolore | india

We have teamed up with a small tailoring unit in Bangalore, headed up by Shivangi. Her 12-strong team specialises in high quality, low volume sewing and she seeks to employ women wherever possible. Her team works from an airy, room on the first floor of a building block which backs on to a quiet residential area.

Our India-made fabrics travel from local weaving units to Bangalore be made into clothing before being shipped to the UK.

london | uk

Our London factories are based in Bethnal Green and Tottenham. Our factories are run by a young, ambitious couple and a fourth generation factory owner. They both produce with exceptional quality and we've benefitted so much from the local working relationships. Our British made fabrics are all stitched into clothing in London.