Fitted Boot, Sage
Fitted Boot, Sage Fitted Boot, Sage Fitted Boot, Sage Fitted Boot, Sage

Notes from the designers themselves...

"Like all of our products these Boots are handmade in Bristol U.K. by Ollie and Lucy, we make everything to order so we never over produce and waste precious materials like leather which we source along with all of our components ourselves from the U.K.

Here in the Ottowin Studio we take every step to ensure we’re having fun while making your shoes because we believe that if we’re working in a fulfilling environment then your shoe will better fulfill the demands of everyday wear.
This means we don't batch produce or work in a production line but as a singular maker (either me or Lucy) will see your pair of shoes from beginning to end from pattern cutting, sewing and riveting to packaging and sending this means that we get a great sense of satisfaction from every order which we hope we pass on to you our customers.

This means there is a 2-3 Week lead time on delivery of all orders.

Though this process of creation we enrich our lives with creativity and hopefully this shows through our shoes which will in turn bring joy and forge a better consumer relationship between wearer and the product. These are shoes to be worn and loved and cherished.
Every pair can be resoled & repaired by us so please get in touch when you have been down many a path and walked and walked, don't them away, lets see if we can keep you on the road for more adventures

We use the highest quality leather from Industry samples; normally multiple hides which have been dyed and coloured for larger companies who will make a single sample and then return the rest if they don’t to use it. There are thousands of hides every year which will be produced but not used.
We use this waste. Hand selecting every piece of leather, we know the colour, feel, and texture before we buy. This process means that we create relationship with the leather and we never return any, reducing our waste and the waste of the industry as a whole. It also means that our leathers are finite, all of our colour ways are Limited Editions, and once there gone there gone."