Winter Beach Coat
Winter Beach Coat Winter Beach Coat Winter Beach Coat Winter Beach Coat

PRE-ORDERS will be delivered in early-mid November


- Low V-neck

- Small side slits at the hem

- Narrow cuffs and placket for easy rolling up

- Wooden buttons

- Natural indigo dye 

- Made from hand-woven Kala cotton

This piece is made from a hand woven fabric that is made from drought resistant cotton called Kala cotton. The beauty of this cotton is that it can grow without rainfall. This makes it just short of a miracle, in an industry which consumes vast quantities of water. The texture of the fabric is rough as if you can feel the desert landscape it has come from. Having road tested this piece, we can confirm that it softens beautifully and feels lovely next to the skin.

Henrietta’s Notes:
“The story of this fabric moves me in a way that none other has done before. It comes from the desert region of Kutch, a place where it feels time has stood still. We visited the farmers of kala cotton as well as the spinners and weavers of the fabric. It was a beautiful thing have such a deep connection between the geography and history of the land to the final product itself. It is a truly special fabric and we’re excited to continue working with the incredible organisation it comes from.”


XS | 6 - 8
S | 8 - 10
M | 12 
L | 14 - 16
100% Organic Cotton
Made in Portugal
Cold Machine Wash